Saturday, August 17, 2013

B-Boying = Comedy?

On Huffington Post, a B-boy battle, this part which you have to see.

On the Huffington Post page however, it's under "Comedy."

It's just one posting, but kind of a peculiar category to be in.  Turns out this is the only video they have under the tag "Break Dance." 

The fact that its under Comedy and that its in its own category of "Break Dance" as opposed to the already-much more populated tag of "Breakdance" in the Huffington Post, tells me that whoever posted it is probably kind of new to either breakdancing or new to Huffington Post.  

There's nothing wrong with being "new" to something, anything really. 

In fact, the author/editor's labeling this video as "Comedy" and under "Funny Videos" seems to be one marker of how breaking is perceived by most of the world that isn't quite "in" the world of breakdancing, b-boying, perhaps even hip-hop at large. 

It's as if it's gimmick, nothing serious, just light-hearted, temporary, easily dismissed fun. 

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